_Rope_iterator_base< _CharT, _Alloc > Class Template Reference

#include <_rope.h>

Inheritance diagram for _Rope_iterator_base< _CharT, _Alloc >:

_Rope_const_iterator< _CharT, _Alloc > _Rope_iterator< _CharT, _Alloc > List of all members.

Public Types

enum  { _S_path_cache_len = 4 }
enum  { _S_iterator_buf_len = 15 }
typedef _Rope_RopeRep< _CharT,
_Alloc > 

Public Member Functions

 _Rope_iterator_base ()
 _Rope_iterator_base (_RopeRep *__root, size_t __pos)
void _M_incr (size_t __n)
void _M_decr (size_t __n)
size_t index () const
 _Rope_iterator_base (const _Self &__x)
_Selfoperator= (const _Self &__x)

Static Public Member Functions

static void _S_setbuf (_Rope_iterator_base< _CharT, _Alloc > &__x)
static void _S_setcache (_Rope_iterator_base< _CharT, _Alloc > &__x)
static void _S_setcache_for_incr (_Rope_iterator_base< _CharT, _Alloc > &__x)

Public Attributes

size_t _M_current_pos
size_t _M_leaf_pos
_CharT * _M_buf_start
_CharT * _M_buf_ptr
_CharT * _M_buf_end
struct {
   _RopeRep const *   _M_data [_S_path_cache_len]
int _M_leaf_index
unsigned char _M_path_directions
struct {
   _CharT   _M_data [_S_iterator_buf_len]


class rope< _CharT, _Alloc >

Detailed Description

template<class _CharT, class _Alloc>
class _Rope_iterator_base< _CharT, _Alloc >

Definition at line 744 of file _rope.h.

Member Typedef Documentation

template<class _CharT, class _Alloc>
typedef _Rope_RopeRep<_CharT,_Alloc> _Rope_iterator_base< _CharT, _Alloc >::_RopeRep

Reimplemented in _Rope_const_iterator< _CharT, _Alloc >.

Definition at line 751 of file _rope.h.

Member Enumeration Documentation

template<class _CharT, class _Alloc>
anonymous enum


Definition at line 753 of file _rope.h.

template<class _CharT, class _Alloc>
anonymous enum


Definition at line 754 of file _rope.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

template<class _CharT, class _Alloc>
_Rope_iterator_base< _CharT, _Alloc >::_Rope_iterator_base (  )  [inline]

Definition at line 808 of file _rope.h.

template<class _CharT, class _Alloc>
_Rope_iterator_base< _CharT, _Alloc >::_Rope_iterator_base ( _RopeRep __root,
size_t  __pos 
) [inline]

Definition at line 809 of file _rope.h.

template<class _CharT, class _Alloc>
_Rope_iterator_base< _CharT, _Alloc >::_Rope_iterator_base ( const _Self __x  )  [inline]

Definition at line 828 of file _rope.h.

References _Rope_iterator_base< _CharT, _Alloc >::_M_buf_ptr.

Member Function Documentation

template<class _CharT, class _Alloc>
void _Rope_iterator_base< _CharT, _Alloc >::_S_setcache ( _Rope_iterator_base< _CharT, _Alloc > &  __x  )  [static]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

template<class _CharT, class _Alloc>
friend class rope< _CharT, _Alloc > [friend]

Reimplemented in _Rope_const_iterator< _CharT, _Alloc >, and _Rope_iterator< _CharT, _Alloc >.

Definition at line 747 of file _rope.h.

Member Data Documentation

template<class _CharT, class _Alloc>
_RopeRep const* _Rope_iterator_base< _CharT, _Alloc >::_M_data[_S_path_cache_len]

template<class _CharT, class _Alloc>
_CharT _Rope_iterator_base< _CharT, _Alloc >::_M_data[_S_iterator_buf_len]

Definition at line 798 of file _rope.h.

struct { ... } _Rope_iterator_base< _CharT, _Alloc >::_M_tmp_buf

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